By Dr. Barbara Lowe

Heart Journey: Healing Through Encounters with Jesus & Psychology

A study for women ready for wholeness

The “Heart Journey” is a comprehensive and transformative book that serves as a guide for individuals seeking emotional healing, inner peace, and a deeper connection with God. It is a valuable resource that offers a step-by-step process to navigate the intricate landscape of the human heart.

By Dr. Barbara Lowe

Heart Journey Accompanying Journal: Healing through Encounters with Jesus & Psychology

A study for women ready for wholeness

The “Heart Journey Accompanying Journal”, masterfully crafted by Dr. Barbara Lowe, is an essential tool for individuals embarking on a profound journey of self-healing, reflection, and restoration. This journal provides a dedicated space for personal exploration, introspection, and application of the transformative principles outlined in Dr. Barbara’s acclaimed book, the “Heart Journey.”

About the Author

Dr. Barbara Lowe

Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist, founder, and owner of Greenleaf Psychological and Support Services (GPSS). GPSS is a large multi-site psychological practice in Raleigh/Durham North Carolina where clinicians deliver the best of psychological science and integrate faith upon request, for healing the soul and renewing the spirit. She is the owner and visionary behind the newly launched Greenleaf Training Center for Psychotherapists. Dr Barbara also created the Heart Journey method of inner healing, which uses indigenous Christian Psychology where it intersects with conventional psychology to heal the biblical domain of the “heart”. She is also the visionary behind Dr. Barbara Ministries, a Somatic Experience practitioner, an EMDR practitioner, a Master ART Therapist, a Board Certified Life Coach, an Educator, an Ordained Minister, a National Speaker, and an Author. Dr Barbara Lowe received her PhD from UNC-CH in School Psychology.


Dr. Tim Clinton

President, American Association of Christian Counselors

In Heart Journey™, Dr. Barbara Lowe’s expertise in trauma healing shines through as she skillfully guides women on a transformative journey of healing and restoration. This invaluable tool equips individuals to navigate the complexities of their past, offering them a path to deep healing and the restoration of their God-given purpose. This is a groundbreaking resource that weaves together the principles of the Christian faith and the science of trauma healing.

Eric L. Johnson, Ph.D.

Professor of Christian Psychology, Houston Christian University

Because virtually everybody, including Christians, has had some kind of trauma in life, there is a great need for sound, Christian resources that explain simply how to get the healing people need. But this book is very special. It is so biblical, so trauma-informed, and so accessible – all in one – written by someone with years of experience working with trauma, it guides readers step-by-step into a comprehensive, yet extremely practical, Christian model of trauma healing.

Jon Gordon

15x Best-Selling Author of The One Truth and The Garden

Amidst a vast sea of literature, Heart Journey™ stands out as a groundbreaking resource that offers a truly unique and transformative approach to personal growth, guiding individuals from soul pain to God-sized purpose. Dr. Lowe’s remarkable understanding of the inner world and her ability to lead women on a journey of deep healing and renewal sets her apart in the field.

Harold G. KoeniG, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor of Medicine
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Visiting Professor, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine

Heart Journey™ is an exceptional and vital addition to the realms of ministry and psychology. It seamlessly blends a Christian worldview with the science of trauma healing, establishing a solid foundation that is both accessible and practical. I wholeheartedly endorse this book and journal to women within the body of Christ, as it offers profound healing for the heart. Furthermore, I recommend it to my esteemed colleagues as an exemplar of the harmonious integration between our indigenous Christian psychology and the science of trauma healing.

Nii Addy, Ph.D.

Yale Neuroscientist, Professor, and Podcast Host

Dr. Barbara has given us a powerful gift in Heart Journey™. Informed by her experience as a Christian minister and a clinical psychologist, and guided by principles from psychology and neuroscience, Heart Journey™ meets each of us at our place of need. Through her conversational tone, Dr. Barbara shares impactful stories, informative teaching, and practical guidance that can transform your life. This book reflects the power of integrating the truths of Scripture, encounters with Jesus, and evidence-based tools that can help each of us heal, grow, and thrive.

Warren Kinghorn, MD, ThD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center
Esther Colliflower Associate Professor of the Practice of Pastoral and Moral Theology, Duke Divinity School
Co-Director, Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative, Duke Divinity School

As a licensed psychologist and Christian minister, Dr. Barbara Lowe understands and affirms both that trauma and unmet psychological needs are widespread in our world and that we are beloved creatures of God, who desires our wholeness and flourishing. While not intended as a substitute for therapy, Heart Journey™ is filled to the brim with practical and grounded exercises that can help our hearts unburden from the weight of anxiety and inability to trust in ourselves or others, and to open to a life of freedom and secure rest in God’s love. In this hopeful book, Dr. Lowe offers an encouraging pathway to spiritual and psychological restoration and healing.

Kate and Duncan Smith

Senior Leaders of Catch the Fire Raleigh
Presidents of Catch the Fire World, a global movement of churches, ministry and missions

This book is a timely gift and a rich treasure to the Body of Christ at this time and era of the church and where we find ourselves placed in society today. We have had a huge value in our movement on leaders walking through regular heart healing to unlock the potential God has for them so this heart fruit can filter through a church community. The purpose is that the love of God will be manifested in all that we do in our churches including how we love and engage our communities and bring the light of Christ to our cities.

Ron Lewis

Bishop, King’s Park churches Every Nation NYC
Jordan Lewis Missions
Author, Miracles in Manhattan

Dr. Barbara’s skills and giftedness in bringing together psychology, theology, and neuroscience are rare, if not unparalleled. Fortunately, we have a gift and a tool in Heart Journey™. Trauma and pain seem ubiquitous, but Heart Journey™ is an effective antidote.
Dr. Barbara personally and clinically knows that inner healing is not beyond reach. The all-wise God, who desires wholeness, often uses people who have been “through the valley of tears, only to make it a place of springs” (Psalm 84:6). I highly endorse my friend, Dr. Barbara Lowe, and encourage you to journey forward with her.

Lynette Lewis

TEDx Speaker
Business Consultant
Pastor’s Wife

In a world where women are yearning for healing, purpose, and restoration, Dr. Barbara Lowe’s Heart Journey™ book and journal shines as an unyielding beacon of hope. As a woman deeply immersed in both business and ministry, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the remarkable and transformative impact of Dr. Lowe’s ministry as a speaker. Time and again, I have seen the profound effectiveness of the Heart Journey™ process in the lives of those around me. This extraordinary resource impeccably blends a Christian worldview with the science of trauma healing, providing women with a practical roadmap to embark on a deeply personal and fulfilling journey of inner healing. Without a doubt, this is a must-do study for anyone seeking true transformation.

Anne Beiler

Founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
Author and Speaker

Dr. Barbara has written with such great insight! You will be encouraged and inspired to begin your journey toward healing and wholeness. It is a compelling and spirit-filled study book that will make the broken heart thirsty for the healing you long for. It will guide you and quench your thirst with the knowledge imparted to you. Your innermost being will respond with courage as you encounter truth. The inner healing begins as you learn to pour out the pain of your past and find the freedom to live a future that is full, complete, and free indeed in Christ. The truth shared in this book has the power to break the yoke of bondage and set the captive free!

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Bestselling Author of Sacred Rest and Host of I Choose My Best Life

In Heart Journey™, Dr. Barbara Lowe guides women on a much-needed journey in trauma healing and the wholeness available in Christ. The heartwork instructions are simple to follow with a lasting and profound impact. This book is a valuable tool for both individuals and clinicians, sharing relevant scientific processes alongside scriptural truths to offer a transformational journey to restore mind-body-spirit well-being.

Dawna De Silva

Bethel Sozo, Co-Leader
Author of Sozo: Saved, Healed, Delivered Shifting Atmospheres
Atmospheres 101
Overcoming Fear
Prayers, Declarations, and Strategies Warring with Wisdom

I am honored to wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Barbara Lowe’s integrated Heart Journey™ book and journal. As the creator and co-leader of the SOZO inner healing method, I have great anticipation of the powerful impact this book and study guide will have on women of all ages. I am confident that this resource will continue to bring transformative breakthroughs to all who are willing to allow God to remodel and beautify their heart home. I have watched Dr. Barbara gather, empower, and bring whole heart healing to hundreds of women over the past five years I have known her. This book is not only written from a therapist who knows how to fix you but dually from a researched, educated, devoted believer who has allowed God to entirely remodel her own heart home. Roll up your sleeves, get your work clothes on, put your hands to the plow, and be amazed at how God will restore beauty from your life’s ashes.

Lisa Kimmey Winans

Recording Artist

Often, the challenges we are faced with feel bigger than our blessings and potential. They call into question our peace and our place. Dr. Barbara Lowe’s Heart Journey™ offers profound insight and practical tools providing the much-needed support that serves to strengthen the foundation our faith is built on. At different times in my life as a young woman of faith, I have longed for such a clear and impactful ministry. It brings me great joy to know that women the world over will now have this life-changing place of healing to grow from. I strongly encourage anyone in need of emotional and spiritual wholeness to dive deeply into this phenomenal book. As I tip my hat to this extraordinary woman and this indispensable resource, I am reminded of this bit of Scripture, “Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” – John 14:27

Dr. Shannan Crawford

Licensed Psychologist
Executive Coach

Heart Journey™ is a beautifully woven synthesis bringing together clinical research with spiritual truths producing a profoundly transformative masterpiece. Dr. Barbara’s clinical work and research provide a holistic perspective to honor body, soul, and spirit in a cohesive blend that fosters sustainable healing. The Heart Journey™ book and workbook seamlessly walk the reader through a process that fosters past healing and empowers participants to live full-heartedly from their true selves into their life purpose. A true treasure that has exquisite value that will benefit everyone!

Dr. Kim Maas

Founder/CEO Kim Maas Ministries
Author of Prophetic Community: God’s Call For All to Minister in His Gifts and The Way of the Kingdom: Seizing the Times For a Great Move of God

When it comes to healing the matters of the heart, it is of utmost importance to seek guidance from one who has answered the call of Jesus—one who knows Jesus, one with heart-healing experience, one whose leadership can be trusted, one who has your best in mind. Dr. Barbara Lowe is that one. She is one I would trust with the matters of my own heart. You can get whole. Dr. Barbara will guide you to healing and wholeness in her deeply insightful and spiritually powerful new book and companion journal—Heart Journey™: Healing through Encounters with Jesus & Psychology and Heart Journey Journal.

Dr. Tracey Strawberry

International Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer
Founder of Finding Your Way
Author: The Imperfect Marriage, Help for Those Who Think It’s Over Author: Clean Sober & Saved Christ-Centered Recovery Curriculums Author Participant: The Invitation to Intimacy with God Devotional Co-Author: Straw, Finding My Way (Biography of Darryl Strawberry)

I am honored to offer my enthusiastic endorsement of Dr. Barbara Lowe’s groundbreaking book, Heart Journey™. As an international speaker, consultant, published author, and Doctor of Theology specializing in Cultural Restoration and Leadership, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of Dr. Lowe’s teachings. With her exceptional understanding of inner healing and trauma restoration, impeccably blended with a Christian worldview, Dr. Lowe’s work in Heart Journey™ serves as a beacon of hope for women seeking healing, purpose, and restoration. Her masterful integration of profound encounters with Jesus, the living Word of God, with the principles of inner healing creates a life-altering experience that calls readers to courageously confront and heal from their past, embrace forgiveness, and step into a future overflowing with unshakable faith and profound significance. Prepare to be profoundly transformed as you embark on this extraordinary journey of inner healing guided by Dr. Lowe’s expertise and unwavering commitment to empowering women to live lives of wholeness and God-breathed purpose.

Brenda Crouch

Author, Speaker, TV Host

In the current age of intense external pressures and unresolved traumas, the levels of confusion and anxiety among adults and children are alarming … even within the Church! In The Heart Journey™, Dr. Barbara Lowe has made it possible for you to face the pain that triggers your anxieties. She offers practical tools to effectively apply the Word of God to whatever is driving you. Say goodbye to the empty rhetoric that has shamed you in the past and say hello to your freedom!

Verna Brown

Senior Pastor of Soul Harvest Worship Center Writer

In my sixteen years of pastoring and supporting those with trauma, I haven’t found a resource as comprehensive as the Heart Journey™ book and the accompanying Heart Journey™ Journal—the tools, exercises, and biblical truths Dr. Barbara Lowe-Suave has compiled will bring restoration, wholeness, purpose, and life-long wellness to those who commit to the journey. In addition, participants will have intimate encounters with Jesus and deepen their relationship with Him and others. The Heart Journey™ Book and Journal are life- changing resources for individuals and small groups.

Ana Werner

Founder, President, Eagles Network
Author The Seer’s Path

I appreciate Dr. Barbara Lowe’s ability to integrate together Christian psychology, a Biblically-grounded approach to inner healing of the heart, and encounters with Jesus. Heart Journey™ will help many become unstuck and gain forward progress in their pursuit of living wholly!